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The Art and Business of Rubber Bracelets

Rubber bracelets are also called jelly bracelets in some circles, silicone in others, but they’re all roughly the same thing. They have been around for decades, but the last ten years saw the renewal of their popularity. Coming in various sizes, thickness, elasticity, color, and—perhaps most importantly—messages, these wristbands are the primary go-to product of charities, movements, and fundraising activities of various groups and organizations, not just locally but all around the world. If there’s a cause that needs attention, propagating rubber wristbands that carry its slogan is one of the best and proven ways of to draw people’s awareness towards it. An example of this, one of the most successful campaigns involving rubber bracelets, is the Livestrong yellow band that was put into existence by ex-cyclist Lance Armstrong, a cancer survivor. The aim of this movement was to raise attention and funds for cancer research.

rubber wristbandsThe colors of the wristbands that are meant for charity usually have powerful meanings associated with them. For instance, most people already know that pink stands for breast cancer as well as for other diseases suffered mostly by women. Red is usually for heart and blood related concerns, while green almost always stand for the environment. They don’t all come in a single color, though. There are plenty of multi-color bracelets that also carry deep meanings. For example, rainbow colored rubber bracelets may be used to show support for the LGBT community, while those in the colors of their nation’s flag could only mean that the wearer is being patriotic.

Beware, though. Not all meanings attached to wristband colors are wholesome. Schools in various states have prohibited their students from wearing jelly bracelets because these allegedly have sexual meanings. Oftentimes the wearer is unaware of this while those who see them construe the color of the bracelet to be a signal for a specific sexual act that he or she is either prepared to, or have already engaged in. Knowing about the alternate meanings behind the colors of bracelets may be beneficial so you would not be caught unawares. Some of the alleged meanings behind the colors include: hugging and cuddling for yellow, kissing for purple; oral sex are usually in shades of blue, sexual intercourse, meanwhile, is denoted by black.

Ultimately, rubber bracelets and the colors they come in don’t really need to have specific meanings attached in order to be worn. It just happened that using such bracelets was one of the most convenient ways to spread a message, but none of us are under any obligation to have a cause or a secret sexual motive. Some people happen to like the wristbands in and of it, especially as they are accessories that come in colors, textures, and flexibility which they personally prefer. It could even be possible to personalize them further, such that they could carry a message which the bearer specified. It could be a mantra, a quote, or a name—the bottom line is, it would surely be unique to the person who had it made.

It doesn’t stop there. As many others have already done, personalization of rubber bracelets could be taken one step further by converting the creative process into a business. Because it is possible to customize both the message and the design of the wristbands, it is fairly easy to produce an array of unique and attention-grabbing products that could be sold for portions more than the amount spent having them made. This is especially perfect for artistic types of people out there (who also happen to have a knack for business) who are looking to have a profitable outlet for their creativity.

5 Benefits of Using Neck Lanyards

Neck lanyards are widely used by companies and organizations as a promotional tool for their brand. It has become one of their favorite marketing tools due to its budget friendliness and versatility.

Lanyards are used to hang small objects while keeping them close for users to easily access it. These are hands-free solutions to holding items. Lanyards are usually made of nylon or any woven material. It comes in different shapes and styles with a wide variety of designs to choose from. Due to its usability and attractiveness, lanyards are one of the most popular items in companies and other business entities. These are engaging pieces to have that helps businesses attain their target audiences. Here are five known benefits neck lanyards present.

NL-71. Lanyards provide users with convenience.

Lanyards offer wearers a convenient place to put their identification cards, keys, pens, and other items. They help provide a safe place for small items since these are worn by users. These are also more convenient since small items are more accessible instead of users fumbling in their bags for these. Your hands can also perform other duties instead of holding on to the object. If you want to remove the object, you can either remove the lanyard or remove the clasp holding it. It is simple and provides easy break free without damaging it.

2. Lanyards are customizable.

Companies use lanyards as it helps reflect their business. They can select from the many striking colors available, and provide their own designs. This will provide visual impact that would help make the lanyard standout—and their company’s name or brand noticeable as well.

Most lanyards used for customization are made from nylon. This is a more durable material and helps the lanyard last. You can also opt for polyester or any woven or any materials that can be dyed. Lanyards made in these materials make it customizable. Companies can have their design printed on the chord. The most preferred printing technique for these materials is by using dye.

3. Lanyards increase your company’s exposure.

Neck lanyards are great marketing tools. Of course, these should feature the company’s name and logo. Companies provide their employees with lanyard which identifies them as part of the office. At times employees wear these outside the office which provides additional exposure for the company’s identity. These are also often used during conferences, trades shows, seminars, and group meetings.

4. Cost efficient

Compared to the usual means of advertising, neck lanyards provide a very cheap and effective means to promote products. Some are made of plastic bands hung around the neck. These are cheaper and can be ordered in bulk. You don’t have to go for other promotional items such as posters, television advertisements, pamphlets, and other items. Lanyards’ versatility helps identify employees, serve as a holder for items, and help promote the company’s name. You can get all these with just one purchase.

5. Lanyards provide security

There are times when accidents happen. The lanyard’s design, where in the item holding the object to the chord can be removed, was to make sure it is safe to use. How is this safe to use? There are times where lanyards are caught in machines. To easily free the person wearing it, the breakable feature helps them. While you can remove it from your neck, there are times it’s difficult especially when it’s causing you choke. To provide safety, the breakable feature lets you set your lanyard free in case it gets caught up in machines. This accident often happens among factory workers during their duty. Their neck lanyards get caught on machine while it is running which may cause more serious accidents.

The Demand for Portable Storage Containers

Many people want to save money in the presence of uncertainties in the real estate market. One of the several ways to cut down expenses is by downsizing which can range from getting rid of an unreasonable mortgage or moving out and on from a large house along with all the expensive costs associated with it. Several homeowners have decided to transfer to smaller houses, apartments and even condominiums in times like these.

The only issue associated Portable Storage Containerswith moving from a larger house to a smaller one is maintaining some personal property. Although some homeowners choose to sell or donate some home items, there are still others who opt to keep these items until their next move. There is only one reason behind this and that is the fact that their new abode is too small that there is not enough room for everything.

The usual solution for this is finding a traditional self-storage facility. But today, more and more homeowners are choosing portable storage containers. This is because most of these individuals have realized that renting a garage-sized traditional storage unit can be a bit expensive. Another reason is that homeowners become conscious that they are moving twice: transferring household items into the storage units and then moving these into the new house.

The demand for portable storage containers is continuously increasing, especially for people who need a temporary space for storing their personal properties. Almost all manufacturers of these containers ensure security and accessibility. The best thing about these storage units is that these can be rented on a monthly basis at very affordable price. Many have realized that renting a portable storage container is definitely less expensive than using a traditional self-storage facility.

There are a few advantages of choosing portable storage containers over traditional self-storage facilities.

Any homeowner who is “downsizing” is allowed to have the storage container right outside his front door for a longer time period just in case he may need something that is inside the container.

Experts have mentioned that the costs associated with month-long rentals of the storage unit are considerably less as compared to those of traditional self-storage. This is basically because the money spent on constructing the latter is higher than the cost of making a portable storage container. Most rental companies require less maintenance costs. There is also no need to pay for real estate taxes when using such containers.

A homeowner also does not need to move the storage unit by himself. The company who owns the portable storage unit usually does the moving. There are people who can move the containers from one location to another without having to pay extra costs.

For people who are still uncertain about their plans of moving and those who haven’t decided yet where they would actually move to, do not have to worry. This is for the reason that the household items are securely located in a facility wherein the homeowner is the only person who knows the unit’s lock combination until a final and informed decision is made. Once a decision has been arrived at, the portable storage containers can now be moved to a new location anywhere in the country. This means that one does not have to find and rent a truck to move his personal property from one storage facility to another.

Finding the right provider of a portable storage container can be a bit tough since there are several companies offering the same thing. It is always best to take into consideration a homeowner’s needs before choosing one. A homeowner is also recommended to do some research to make sure that he is making the right choice.

Find High Quality Golf Bags

In golf, stand bags are an essential Golf equipmentpart of the game. Golfers place their clubs and pull them out during the game. They walk and ride around with it almost everywhere around the course, which is why getting the best kind is as important as getting a great driver or putter. provides the most affordable golf gear you can find anywhere else. Golf is deemed expensive by most. But in this website you’ll discovers the most pocket-friendly prices of clubs, shoes, apparel, and, of course, stand bags.

Just to give you a few samples of what has to offer, here are some of the high-quality stand bags you can find on the site. These are not ranked in anyway, but all are surely affordable and efficient for your golfing experience.

Ogio 2014 Ozone Stand Bag

This stand bag is specially designed for walking golfers. The Ogio Ozone has 7 pockets, 6 of them zippered, to give lots of storage space for your golf equipment. The top is 9.5” which give space for the clubs.

A great feature of this stand bag is the SHOXX double carry strap. This makes it easier for golfers with it.

Nike Xtreme Sport IV Stand Bag

Nike brings a lot of A-game for sports products. For golf equipment, they’re no different. The Nike Xtreme Sport IV is a premium stand bag for the serious and avid golfers.

The 8-way, 3 full length dividers gives lots of room for your clubs and makes it easy to pull them out. It has a total of 9 functional pockets to store your gear. The Nike Xtreme Sports IV is light and sturdy which really makes it a keeper.

Callaway Hyper Lite 3.5 Stand Bag

Callaway is known for their high quality golf equipment, delivering some of the best clubs, shoes and bags. The Callaway Hyper Lite 3.5 is definitely a great buy from this brand

With its 4-way dividers and 8.5” top, this stand bag makes it convenient for golfers to access and store their clubs. The Hyper Lite is also waterproof, equipped with a rain hood, which makes it prepared for bad weather and wet terrain.

Sun Mountain Golf – Swift X Stand Bag

Sun Mountain has developed a great stand bag for walking golfers. The Swif X Bag is a lightweight bag that can keep your golf equipment safe and secured.

It has an integrated lift assist handle and contoured carry straps to make it more convenient for all golfers to carry around. The Swift X Stand Bag has 5 pockets all in all – just enough to store in your gear.

Taylor Made 2014 Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag

The Supreme Hybrid Stand Bag, developed by Taylor Made, is an optimal and premium bag for those who are looking for versatility and efficiency. Carry bags are produced to store in most of the golf equipment but this stand bag can almost be utilized as the former.

It has a 14-way stadium top and full length dividers. The stand bag has a total of 8 pockets. One of the best things about the Supreme Hybrid is that it weighs only 6 lbs. For something that can carry a lot of load, this bag is still an easy carry.

When you’re looking for stand bags, the best thing you can look for are the weight and the dividers. Golfers need to keep their game going while systematically preparing their clubs for a different kind of swing.

You’ll find out more about these products once you visit The full details, images and prices are available on the site for viewing.

How Misters Are Used in Industrial Settings

Most people are familiar with misters as some sort of apparatus used for cooling people off. They are an especially common sight in outdoor events that attract a lot of people. They are a sort of a modified and improved sort of electric fan.

Mist fans are similar to electric fans in that they use the same methods for generating a gust of wind. Mist fans have an electric motor inside. This electric motor is connected to a rod which has several fan blades attached to it. The rod is spun by the electric motor. The fan blades are angles in such a way as to draw in air from the rear and push it forward, thus creating a gust of wind.

Misters are slowly getting popularity with the general population. A cheap price combined with low electricity consumptions makes a mist fan a lucrative cooling solution for most people looking to save up on money. However, mist fans are also seeing a lot of use in heavy industries.

Heavy industries have begun to use mist fans as a cheap solution to some of the biggest problems they deal with. Below are some of the few ways that heavy industries have begun to use mist fans.

Controlling foul odor using mist fans

Smell is one of the most common byproducts in heavy industrial working environments. All the heavy machinery, chemicals, and so on all produce some sort of smell that is offensive to the senses. Some industries even deal with things like waste management an industry where a foul odor is an everyday issue.

Smell, basically speaking, is tiny little particles of whatever it is a person smells flying around their nose. Smell can be prevented by getting rid of the tiny particles that float freely through the air.

Mist fans are capable of neutralizing smell because of the tiny water droplets that they produce. The microscopic water particles mix with the odor causing particles and drag them to the ground. This prevents the odor from freely floating around the air and spreading.

Misters and dust management

Dust can be a hazard in some industrial settings. Miners for example have to deal with all the dust from all the earth and rock that they have to move. Cement factories have to deal with a lot of dust considering the things that they have to move. Lumber yards also produce dust from all the wood that they have to cut and process.

Again, the tiny water molecules that mist fans can produce helps in helping industries manage dust. Dust is basically small tiny solid particles floating around in the air. This can be dirt, dead skin cells, saw dust, and so much more. Mist fans can help manage dust.

The mist fan’s tiny water particles mix with the dust. Once it mixes with the water particles, the dust becomes too heavy and gets pinned to the ground. This prevents dust from spreading around through the air. The mist fan does not get rid of the dust so much as it just prevents it from floating around freely.

Cooling heavy machinery

Another common use of mist fans is in heavy industries. Heavy machines require a lot of power in order to move. As a consequence of all that power, heavy machines tend to produce a lot of heat. This heat can be problematic because it can ruin the machine if the machine does not cool down.

Mist fans are efficient and do not cost a lot of money to operate. They represent a cheap, but effective, means of cooling off heavy machinery. Misters can save companies a lot of money by avoiding any trouble caused by a broken machine.

Author Bio:

Auramist the leading manufacturer and provider of the highest quality Misting fans, Misters, Misting Systems and innovative cooling Fans. Auramist misting fans are equipped with cutting-edge technology with 75 patents. You can trust the Auramist brand to keep you cool and comfortable in your home or on your patio.

Improve Your Customer Relations with Excellent Live Chat Support

Businesses and organizations nowadays leverage towards customer satisfaction, primarily because of a landscape becoming very competitive. The level of customer service and relations are among the most important factors to consider, which could make or break the image of a business.

Improving the quality of how a company deal with customers is now one of the hottest trends in business, and billions of funds are being poured into this need. With the rise of technological advances in Information Technology and the World Wide Web, different types of products and services can be purchased online. If you are running your own online shop, live chat support is recommended to provide fast and high quality assistance for your visitors to gain more personal interaction and experience.

Adding live-chat support to your online store is a cheap option. There are even free platforms available, which is available for small and medium businesses who want to improve the quality of client services without spending a hefty sum.

live chat supportMost platforms for live chat support are very easy to install and requires minimum maintenance. There are also developers who are providing free apps with basic hosted services. The host will supervise all the servers including network systems and backup support. Most of these platforms are easy to install to your online store. You just need to register for online services, enter the pass code, add it into your site, and then within an hour, your online shop will have a chat support platform that your customers can use.

Meanwhile, there are live chat platforms today that can be customized based on your preferences and needs. For example, you can include your own logo on the chat box or change the settings to get unique options for windows, sounds, buttons, offline messaging prompt and many more.

Experts in online business believe that using a chat support option for an online store can improve the sales and revenue of a business. The platform can help in increasing sales by improving the speed of communication and also the level of relationship with your customers. A live chat support option can also entice new customers by sending invitations and redirecting customers to your other online stores if you are into cross-selling.

Live chat support can also give you the chance to interact with your customers fast and have their questions answered immediately. Online businesses can provide excellent service for their customers, which can enhance satisfaction and loyalty of their clients.

Another great feature of most chat support platforms is the recording of messages, which can provide businesses a better perspective of their market niche. The recording feature normally includes records of number of visitors and the behavior of every visitor while they are online.

It is proven by studies and surveys that even if clients are not initially willing to buy products or avail of services, they can still be encouraged to purchase after an engaging talk with chat agents. The advanced features added in live chat support offers great support for clients and play an important role in establishing long-lasting relationship. Also, the chat support can also help the business to acquire important feedback and insights from visitors, which can make or break the reputation of the business.

No matter what type of live chat platform you use, the most important factor to improve customer service and relations is that the business should provide enough attention to the needs of their clients and give better value to their services. Certainly, it is also important to choose reliable service platform, which can offer valuable service for your clients without the need to spend too much.

With effective customer service, your business can have better competitive edge in the market. The main advantage here is that you can lessen the risk of losing customers. Remember, there’s always a driving force behind why a person visits your website, which you can leverage well through chat support.

Understanding SEO For Any Website

There are a lot of things that you can do to make your website shine. You can make sure that it’s easy to read, designed well, and so many other quick tips. However, you will need to do more than just have all the bells and whistles on your page to make sure that you get a lot of traffic. You will need to find a way to attract people to your page again and again. Without working within the world of search engine optimization, you may not be able to gain traction. You may hear a lot about this notion of optimization from a lot of different sources, but there is one thing that you absolutely have to understand about it. It’s the one way you can gain access to the deepest recesses of the online world, and get traffic that is not only targeted, but will stick around long after the fact.

Defining The Term Better:

The first thing that you need to know is simple, the acronym SEO is over used. It is thrown around for a lot of different reasons and it is not always something that is relevant to the actual programming and installation. Any little technique that someone uses to gain leverage and traffic to a page is considered part of this defining factor. In the end only certain elements of the optimization world will suffice. With that in mind, take into consideration a number of different elements, and do not fall for any scam that comes along talking about this.

Optimization works in two major ways. It works within the pages of your site, and it works outside of the pages. When you deal with outside leverages alone, the bigger picture is not necessarily easy to follow. In fact, it could end up becoming detrimental. Without working on both sides of the coin, you will not see traction, it just won’t happen. Both options need assistance, especially if you’re going to comply with what search engines demand of webmasters today.

Expert Implementation:

There are books, articles, video tutorials, UnderstandingSEOconversations being made and a lot of other chatter about how to get moving forward with the installation of this type of code structure, and it’s all going to be best done with expertise. You can learn it, just like you can learn brain surgery, but it’s going to take more than a few quick tips on the web to make it work. Simply put, you need an expert configuration to get the best results, which is why it’s recommended to hire a company that will help you out.

Search engine optimization is not something that is going to go away. You can fight the changes, and you could fight the notion, but in the end, it’s going to thrive amidst many different advertising and marketing solutions. Understanding how it can work for any site starts with defining the methods used. If you can figure out how to implement the options overall, you may find yourself with something positive. In the end, trust an expert.

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